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Using a Dynamic Map as a Table of Contents

I have a project planned for this blog in 2013 — a series of blog posts touring the village of Cotuit each accompanied by photographs of the relevant landmark or neighborhood. I want to use a map of the village as a ‘table of contents’ — either by adapting Google Maps or Google Earth into a dynamic interface, using the ‘pin’ function to mark each spot and then link that spot deeper into a specific blog post.”

David Churbuck

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Ev Williams, Larry Page & Internet of Islands

Larry Page, CEO Google in an interview with Fortune magazine

 The Internet was made in universities and it was designed to interoperate. And as we’ve commercialized it, we’ve added more of an island-like approach to it, which I think is a somewhat a shame for users.

Two years ago, Evan Williams of Twitter said the same in a conversation about two years ago: 

If you create something on the web, you’re your own island and you try to get people to visit your island. On the mobile phone, you don’t have your own island. You’re renting land. 

The question is when will our Internet “leaders” do something about it? 

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End of Maison Martin Margiela brand?

Don’t get me wrong, I very much appreciate the Margiela brand, but it’s not at all what it used to be after it was bought out by Diesel jeans in 2002, and licensing out the name to a fast-fashion brand like H&M is just the wrapping paper and bow on the end of an era — as the Margiela brand was originally founded on the principle that authenticity trumps marketing hype and label recognition. Margiela especially deplored celebrity marketing and famous models, which H&M used in abundance to promote their own Margiela collaboration (is this the definition of irony?):

(Nathan Branch)

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How big is Tumblr?

Tumblr now has 120 people. It is clocking 20 billion page views a month, has about 80.8 million blogs and over 35.7 billion total posts and gets about 165 million unique visitors every month. [via GigaOm]

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